Keeping It Real

Posted 5 years ago

The artwork of Russell Mills.

Mills is a British artist that has achieved worldwide recognition through his mixed media artworks, mainly those used as album covers by artists such as Brian Eno, The Cocteau Twins, Michael Nyman, David Sylvian, Peter Gabriel and Nine Inch Nails amongst many others.

In this ever increasing age of digitally produced artwork it is refreshing to see art that is produced in such a ‘hands-on’ manner – pieces are made up from from a wide variety of materials and mediums such as; plaster, earth, oils, acrylics, varnish, bitumen, linen, leaves, insects, used matches, glass, polaroids, wire and velvet. These items are burnt, soaked, ripped, coated in paint and oils and various other techniques are used to create immersive textural pieces.

His latest works (30 pieces in all) have been produced for the Nine Inch Nails release ‘Hesitation Marks’. There is a different cover artwork for each of the 5 editions as it was decided to use as many pieces as possible because the band couldn’t choose which they liked best.

Mills is a visiting lecturer at Colleges and Universities and has lectured at nearby Preston’s UCLan amongst many others.




keeping-it-realrussell mills artwork

russell mills

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