25 June

Can't see your own Adwords ads? Here is why...

If you pay top dollar for a billboard ad in a city centre, you’re probably going to take a trip to go see it for yourself. Understandable, whether it be for your own peace of mind or you just enjoy seeing your brand in a prominent place. The same temptation can often occur when you start using paid search.

You might be paying a marketing agency a monthly retainer to manage your paid search account, and no doubt you’ll want to see if they’re doing what was promised. When you do your test search, your ads may well appear. Peace of mind achieved! If your ads don’t appear however, you may want to read the potential reasons why below, before you go pick a fight with a poor, unsuspecting junior marketing executive!

A limited daily budget

Your Adwords campaign may be running on a limited daily budget, which means it won’t appear in search results as frequently as it potentially could. By default, Google will deliver impressions for budget limited campaigns evenly throughout the day, rather than burning through your budget towards the start of the day.

So the reason you can’t see your own ad may be because your paid search budget isn’t sufficient. It’s always a good idea to occasionally get in touch with your paid search manager and make sure your budget is enough to give you the ppc presence you need!

Self googling may be causing you problems

Imagine you start serving up a new brand of dog food to your dog, but he refuses to eat it, even after a few tries. Eventually you’re going to stop serving him that brand of dog food. The same goes for Google and the Adwords ads it serves up: If it shows you your own ads a few times but you don’t click on it, the Adwords system will start to assume that you’re not interested in the ad, and will either limit how often it displays that particular ad to you, or stop showing it all together.

It all boils down to you not being a fair representation of an average Google user. Your previous activity and interactions with your own website and the searches you’ve made all play a role in which ads get shown on a search results page.

You don’t match your own targeting criteria

Targeting by keyword is just one of many methods a good paid search specialist will use to deliver their ads. Factors such as user location, demographic and past browsing history can all be used to narrow the focus of an Adwords campaign.

So just performing a Google search for the right keyword may not necessarily mean you will be delivered the ad. On the plus side, this shows that whoever you’ve hired to run your paid search campaign has gone to a good level of detail in order to get you the best results!

As we’ve shown, there are a number of reasons why you may not be able to see your own ads, and remember: just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean your target audience can’t!