19 June

Facebook A/B Testing Could Be Expanding To Page Posts

You may already have made good use of the ability to A/B test your Facebook ads, but it looks like you’ll eventually be able to do the same with organic page posts too.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet by Facebook themselves, but a piece of code spotted by Jane Manchun Wong seems to reveal that page publishers will be able to show different content to different audiences.

This could turn out to be a valuable tool for page admins, who could potentially use the results from the A/B test to form their future content plans, or simply just use their marketing budget to boost the better performing post.

The A/B testing feature will be a welcome addition for most page publishers, the majority of which will have seen declines in their organic post reach over the last year or so.

We don’t expect this feature to go live any time in the immediate future, but as a Facebook page publisher, this will be high on our list of new features to try!