21 June

Instagram unveils IGTV: A new long-form, mobile-first video platform

After whispers of a new 60-minute upload limit over the last month, Instagram has officially unveiled its long-form video platform, named IGTV, at an event in San Francisco.

IGTV is an extension of the Instagram network, where creators are the channels, so you’ll be able to watch long-form content from people you already follow on the core Instagram app.

You can access the IGTV platform via a button on your Instagram homescreen (make sure you’ve updated your app), or via a dedicated standalone app, available now on iOS and Android, so you can enjoy video without the distractions.

The Instagram ecosystem has come a long way in the last few years (remember the big news when they started allowing you to upload images that weren’t square?). Most recent additions to the app have been an attempt to compete with Snapchat, such as Instagram Stories and disappearing picture messages, but the introduction of IGTV is a clear attempt to grab some of YouTube’s massive user base.

Unlike YouTube, there are currently no monetisation options for creators on IGTV, so whether or not the new platform gets flooded with the quality content needed to keep users coming back remains to be seen.