How to increase my social media presence for my business?

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Life was very different back in 1978 when we founded Heckford Advertising. Ties were wide, suits were sharp, and people actually stopped to take a lunch hour. Before the internet, we used to gather to share our interests and passions.

Nowadays, we share almost every aspect of our life with the world through our use of social media. Love it or hate it, there is no avoiding it.

So how do you ensure that you are using the right platforms to target the right people and at the right time? Our Digital Team at Heckford HQ are very passionate about helping businesses succeed through the use of social media, so much so that we decided to write a guide that businesses of all sizes can use.

Increase your business social media presence

The number of followers you have online has always been a dubious and highly debatable measure of success. Your level of engagement (mentions, retweets, likes, clicks) is a much better indication of true influence. It’s better to have fewer followers and high engagement than the other way around. There is an easy option, just buy your followers and your engagement rates will rise, right? Wrong! You could buy a million followers, but these people are never going to turn into customers, leads or sales, nor will they ever genuinely engage with you and your brand.

With so many social platforms available, choosing the right ones for your business is a hard task!

Building your social media presence all starts with a cup of coffee and a good read through our social media guide. Our 30-page guide will take you through:

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