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Our web development approach

Effective design and web development go hand in hand. In addition to being visually appealing, websites must function properly for users and search engines. Our Preston web development agency team makes our appealing designs effective for your users while bringing them to life.

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Bespoke Solutions

We have created websites that give value to our clients from a range of industries. Your website will stand out from the competition thanks to our custom templates.

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Mobile Friendly

We concentrate on creating mobile-friendly websites to make sure that users can quickly find your business whenever, whenever and on any mobile phone, tablet or other devices.

Web Development

We are experts in the newest web technologies and focus on open-source platforms like WordPress. This includes developing custom themes and custom functionality.

User Experience

Our objective is to design and construct websites that are outstanding in design and usability. Users will explore your web pages for longer due to your website’s design and usability.

Exploration, Analysis & Strategy

The first part of our approach is to gather such much information as possible. It allows our team to understand your business and your customers. Plus critically, your aims and scope for your website.

Therefore, we find it a huge help to have an informal discussion. This meeting gives the opportunity for our team and yourself to ask further questions and discuss any other points. These points could cover aspects like issues with your current website, e-commerce, API integrations, features, budgets, current marketing via social media or any other market specific factors.

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Our research phase

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The critical part to the whole web development process. This step helps to clarify objectives and offer guidance to the design.

During this stage, our digital team will consider any future strategies for SEO. Plenty of websites organise information into a user-friendly format. Moreover, this stage also helps to provide you with milestones for providing our digital design and web development services team with content. This is so the launch date for your website does not slip.


A sitemap will outline the overall structure of your website. This sitemap allows us to build around the important pages and plan the website navigation. It will also allow our team to gain an idea of the content that either still needs to be supplied or produced.

Content development

We can plan any production of new content, be it photoshoots, copywriting, illustration, graphic design or video production. You are of course, free to provide your own content which we review and will advise of any appropriate adjustments.

SEO audit & review

An SEO audit using tools such as SEMRush, our SEO specialists will give our digital team an insight into how they can develop the website sitemap. See our SEO services page for more information and details of our SEO plans.

Our planning stage

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Website Design

This stage of the process is to design how your website will look.

Our web development and design services team will produce wireframes that show the basic webpage components. Essentially, these components are elements such as the header and footer. The wireframe is then mocked up into a full visual. The visuals allow you to see the webpages pretty much as they would look on the final website. But, you can brief quick amendments to ensure you are completely happy with the final designs.

For more details on this part of our process, please take a look at our website design page.

Website Development

At this stage, the actual coding build of your website takes place. Basically, our team will translate all the design into HTML, CSS and Javascript with all the agreed functionality added.

As your website takes shape, our web development agency team can provide you with a ‘staging’ link. Essentially, this link will provide you with a working demo version of your website. This can be very useful for large websites with lots of web pages where approval would be sought at specific stages of the build.

Moreover, one of our account managers will keep you updated on the progress of your website during this phase.

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Web development phase

Secure Hosting of your website

Your website needs to function well and be available to users around-the-clock (without any technical hiccups). We can provide a hosting solution for your new website that will satisfy both users and search engines if you require an affordable hosting package.

Secure websites are increasingly commonplace as users and search engines place more weight on trust. Through our hosting we can implement a SSL certificate that will reassure your visitors.

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Secure hosting

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Website Launch

Development phase complete? Everyone happy with your new website? Then it is time to launch!

However, to launch a website can involve a lot of steps. Our web development agency team will take care of much of this process to ensure your website is launched without any hiccups or delays.

In addition, there may be a requirement to repoint any DNS records for your web domains. Our digital team can advise you with this. Or you can transfer the web domains to us if that is your preference. Then, our web team will take care of the rest.


The final stage of our website development process is ongoing website support. This is certainly worth considering for the long-term health and success of your website.

Our agency web development packages or retainers can be negotiated and structured to meet your ongoing requirements for your website. In other words, we can provide hosting, support, continued development, design tweaks and refreshes. Also, we can work on any digital marketing that would help promote your new website.

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WordPress at Heckford

Our web development services team at Heckford have vast experience of working with the popular content managing system (CMS), WordPress. We find WordPress can fulfil the majority of our clients’ needs. That said, we will advise you if we feel that WordPress would not be a good fit for your web project. We have bespoke web development experience in many other CMS platforms too. Why not have a read of our blog post, Why We Use WordPress at Heckford to learn more about our WordPress web development process.

Our WordPress package

Our WordPress package includes the highest level of security, fast load speeds, nightly backups and managed updates for your piece of mind.

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Why WordPress?


  • How much will a new website cost?MinusMinus

    Every brief we work on has unique criteria, which modifies the job description. So, once we’ve gotten the brief, we’ll be able to estimate the price and timeline for you. We do not have set price packages unfortunately.

  • Numerous measures are taken to ensure site security, our hosting ensures that their firewall procedures are adequate and routinely monitor for site vulnerabilities. We keep all WordPress versions and plugins up to date and adhere to clear, consistent coding standards and version control.

  • With have a range of retainers for ongoing support and maintenance so we are never far away if you need any help. We would regularly test and audit your website to keep an eye on metrics such as page speed.

  • Yes. More people than ever are accessing websites on their mobile phones so if your website does not display correctly on a mobile device that is a large part of your audience lost. A responsive website is an absolute most these days and every single website we create will be responsive.

  • The user interface, user experience, and user journey make up the “front end,” which the user sees and interacts with. The user doesn’t see the back end code.