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Creative digital illustration expertise here at Heckford

Creative digital illustration is an extremely versatile tool in marketing and advertising and we’re proud of the incredibly talented in-house team we’ve built at Heckford. Whether it’s creating a memorable character for a particular identity or campaign or detailing a more abstract concept, our team work closely with you to develop a unique style and colour palette that complements your branding.

Make your products stand out

Illustration also allows complex stories to be told clearly, lending consistency to all elements of a campaign. Having complete control over what characters do and say and how scenes are developed lets us tell the story we want to at just the right pace. Once an digital illustration is completed it can also be animated and used effectively in social marketing, explainer videos and advertising campaigns.

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Bringing ideas to life

Our digital illustration studio can produce contemporary imagery, logos, typography and technical illustrations. We work with well-defined lines, shapes and patterns to bring your ideas to life. Sketches can inject character and personality into a design, conveying a sense of fun and friendliness.

Sector expertise

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How we work

Most digital illustrations begin life as a hand drawn sketch that details the main content and captures the style and spirit of the overall piece. We’ll share that with you as we go and get your feedback to make sure that we’ve captured everything in the brief. After that the image is usually – but not always – scanned onto the computer to draw over the initial sketch, adding colour, movement, shading and style to build up the initial sketch into the finished digital illustration.

Types of illustration we cover


A great way to engage your audience, developing a unique character offers a memorable way to bring a subject to life by giving real personality to your marketing messages.


Ideal for use in print & literature but popular on the web and social media, we design infographics that visually represent your information, or data in a bite-size and compelling way.


A type of illustration where the subject is vectorised in Illustrator before colour and movement is added, delivering a really versatile solution.


Sometimes you need to tell a story about a complex product or service. Our team can help you visualise that story clearly and simply through carefully detailed illustrations.

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We have the creative talent

At Heckford we are lucky enough to have a myriad of skills in the illustration field. Whatever your ideas we can develop them from initial sketches and concepts to stunning final illustrations that will command attention. We specialise in many different sectors including housing development, tourism, venue attractions, education and more. Simply put we have you covered.

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