Digital development and design solutions team

Website design and development, user experience driven solutions

Our talented web design and development solutions team is focused on designing and creating seamless and engaging digital experiences. They also support our digital marketing team by creating stunning graphics for PPC, social media and email marketing campaigns.

Social Graphics

Creating and designing unique graphics for social media campaigns across many platforms.

Digital Design UI

Creating detailed wireframes, style guides and slick interactive web prototypes for clients to view.

Web Development

Building and maintenance of client websites. Ensuring speed, reliability and performance.

User Experience UX

Enhancing the experience people have while interacting with your digital product or service.

Mobile website design homepage mockup
Mobile website design landing page mockup
Mobile website design front page mockup
website landing page
Mobile wedding website design mockup
Mobile property website design mockup
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mobile school website
attractions mobile website

Web Design project workflow

Every digital project follows our tried and tested project workflow. This system helps to break down tasks into manageable chunks as part of a bigger job. We start by defining what the client wants and then work towards creating a solution that accurately meets the original vision.

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    Analysis & Strategy

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    & Implementation

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    & Promotion

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    Review and

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Our website design workflow

Digital designer building a website design system

User Interface Design (UI)

User Interface (UI) Design is primarily about the visual aspects of a product interface. This can include the buttons, icons, typography, spacing, colour choices and interactive elements too. At Heckford, we strive to design an effective and tailored UI that is responsive to all screen sizes, people are in control of and enjoy using time and time again.

What we do

  • Building Wireframes
  • Defining Style Guides
  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing

Digital design UI

Web development expertise

Web development is the building, creation and maintenance of websites for the internet or for private intranet networks. It’s aspects cover programming, any ecommerce functionality, publishing, database and server management.

Front end

A front-end developer takes care of layout that reflects the design. These can include fonts, colours, menus and contact forms using HTML, CSS, JavaScript alongside other technologies such as React.

Back end

The back-end developer engineers what is going on behind the scenes. Essentially, the part of the website the visitor does not see. They make sure everything continues to run smoothly.

Laptop showing website development code
Tablet device showing ux website design wireframe prototype

User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) Design refers to an end users interaction with a digital product and how it made them feel about the process. UX design is less about how something looks but is more concerned with how it actually works. Our digital agency team understand this, delivering useable and relevant solutions that suit a multitude of business requirements.

Product research

Our UX designers use this as kicking off for any UX project. This essential stage in the process guides our designers to make evidence based decisions rather than making user assumptions.

Creating personas

Another early step in the process is to identify the key users and generate personas that closely represent them. This task helps teams to keep focus on the target demographic and their specific needs. 

User Experience (UX)

Creative social media graphics

With the explosion in social media marketing for businesses big and small, we are here to help you stand out from your competitors. So together with our web marketing team, we can help you create a winning digital marketing strategy supported with social media graphics and responsive HTML emailers that grab your customers’ attention.

Get those conversions

Our digital designers have a deep understanding of the various graphic formats required by social platforms and email clients. They know the pitfalls and mistakes that people make when creating social media graphics and emailers. Our digital designers will be more than happy to advise you of the best way forward.

Social media graphics screenshots

Social media graphics


  • How long does it take to build a new website?MinusMinus

    The length of time needed to build a new website depends entirely on the overall size of the website. A website with a 1,000 pages will take significantly longer to build than a 8 page brochure website.

  • Absolutely! An important approach is to do it sensitively to ensure your reasons for a redesign are valid. This ensures the success of the project from a return of investment point of view.

  • With have a range of retainers for ongoing support and maintenance so we are never far away if you need any help.

  • Yes. More people than ever are accessing websites on their mobile phones so if your website does not display correctly on a mobile device that is a large part of your audience lost. A responsive website is an absolute most these days and every single website we create will be responsive.

  • Of course! We have web marketing and social media specialists ready to assist you with any social media campaigns to drive traffic towards your website and more importantly, getting those all important conversions and sales.