Page Experience to be a ranking signal in desktop searches

Clock 12th November 2021 by Rob Randell

page experience ranking

Google is set to rollout another update to it’s search engine algorithms soon. Starting February 2022, Google will start to factor in a website’s page experience to determine the ranking for that webpage on desktop. The update will include all the current signals of the mobile version of the page experience update, beyond the page needing to be mobile friendly.

This ranking launch will be based on the same page experience signals that we rolled out for mobile earlier this year.

Jeffrey Jose, Product Manager on Search at Google

Google announced this update back in May 2021 at the Google I/O.

What factors will be included in this update?

Google states that all of the factors are to be included, with the exception of the ‘mobile friendiness’ requirement. Below is a table showing the specific factors:

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)YesYes
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)YesYes
First Input Delay (FID)YesYes
HTTPS SecurityYesYes
Absence of intrusive interstitialsYesYes
Mobile friendlinessYesNo
Specific factors included in the update
A breakdown of each factor
Desktop Google page experience
Don’t expect drastic changes

Google has stated with this rollout and the new Google update not to expect drastic changes to rankings. The update will highlight pages that offer a great user experience. However, many web developers and designers are primarily focussed on delivering a great experience on mobile. Therefore, with this update the focus can shift towards the desktop pages.

If your business or organisation wants to stand out from the crowd by creating a more effective and engaging website that ranks effectively across desktop and mobile, we would love to hear from you.