Many users are turning to paid media platforms to cut through the noise and reach your desired audience, something hard to achieve with other forms of advertising. Applying PPC campaigns can help you target specific groups of people by demographics, interests and online search behaviour. You only pay when your advert physically gets results.


Our Google Adwords certified experts will grow your online presence. We will help you build relationships and establish trust with potential customers.

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Increasing traffic: Using campaign objectives, we will increase your organic impressions and website traffic. Google Analytics and platform insight reports will then allow us to measure and amplify traffic levels.

Increasing Engagement: Increasing awareness of your organisation and the services you provide will encourage engagement across all your online platforms.

Increasing conversions: We will work closely with you to develop measurable KPIs (key performance indicators). We will ensure your Google Adwords works alongside your offline activity to develop fully integrated campaign, consequently allowing you to measure ROI.

PPC Search

The Google search network allows you to serve adverts to those who are actively looking for your products or services online. Google matches adverts to a person’s search, based on how closely the search matches your keywords and campaign settings.

We can alter adverts, pause and build new campaigns whenever you like. Above all, this form of online marketing gives you a competitive edge by gaining visibility quickly. We measure how effective your results and conversions are so reliable data-driven decisions can be made to ensure you are utilising your budget in the most effective way.

PPC Display

The Google display network allows you to connect with potential customers online whilst they are browsing the internet. Your adverts will appear when your targeted audience are viewing other websites, watching YouTube or checking their Gmail inbox.

As a result, you will have the ability to drive more conversions by finding high performing audiences as they enter research process or the decision point.


In addition, remarketing is one of Google’s most powerful targeting tools. This form of advertising allows you to serve adverts to previous visitors of your website, keeping your company at the front of their mind, even after leaving your website.

Start engaging with prospect customers who have viewed key pages for a more tailored experience.

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We offer a whole range of PPC services to help you reach your individual business goals. We will put together a bespoke package based on your individual business needs and available budget.


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