When print becomes more than ink on paper

Clock 9th July 2024 by Sarah Clarke

At Heckford, we are continually investing in our tools to enhance our offering to our clients. Our recent purchase of the VUTEk h3 super-wide format printer takes our printing capabilities to another level!

Among its impressive features are: wide format printing – 3.2m print width, up to 1200dpi for ultimate clarity, rapid printing with up to 80 boards produced in an hour and, using EFi LED Technology, the energy consumption and waste is reduced.

Not only does the VUTEk h3 give us exceptional clarity and vivid colours, it is rapid, too!

The VUTEk h3 printer

New printer, new options!

As well as the impressive stats for wide-format, high-speed printing the VUTEk h3 gives us some exciting new options to offer to our clients.

Tactile printing: If you’ve ever had an image that lost it’s impact on paper because the texture demands more than two dimensional ink, then tactile printing could be the answer. The VUTEk h3 prints multiple layers of ink, building up raised areas where it is wanted. In the example video below, the guitar strings and the grain of the wood are the chosen, enhanced features.

Light Reactive Print: Light Reactive Printing is perfect if you want to have a ‘reveal’ of one part of an image, or want an image to be completely different during the day and then during the night. An example of this is an advertising billboard: during the day the viewer sees one image, but when it is darker, the billboard is backlit and another image is seen through the translucent material the images are printed on. The image below shows two ways this can be used: an image reveal (left) and a colour change (right).

Greyscale images changing to colour after a light is shone through the back of them.

With nearly 5 decades of experience and knowledge, your next printing project couldn’t be in safer hands. Heckford have worked with The Jockey Club, Wain Homes, Haigh Woodland Park and Sandcastle Waterpark, to name a few and our services range from: exhibitions – from design to production, ito nterior and exterior signage, vehicle graphics and wraps, as well as creative design across any media, 3D visualisation, video and motion graphics.

If you have a project we can help you with, get in touch with us using the button below, give us a ring on 01772 884444 or email hello@heckford-advertising.co.uk

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