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Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles

Heckford was approached by the Lancashire Healthy Schools Programme to collaborate on a campaign aimed at reducing childhood obesity. The Lancashire Healthy Schools Programme is a comprehensive and multifaceted initiative that aims to improve the health and well-being of children in Lancashire. The brief provided to Heckford was to create a campaign that would raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating and physical exercise among children and young people.

In response to the brief, the talented creatives at Heckford came up with the idea of creating a team of superhero characters called Healthy Heroes. These characters were designed to embody the virtues of healthy living, with their powers derived from healthy eating and regular exercise. By presenting healthy living as a source of strength and empowerment, the Healthy Heroes campaign aimed to encourage children to adopt healthier lifestyles.


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LCC healthy heroes literature and characters

Animation development

Following the successful creation of the Healthy Heroes campaign by Heckford, the project was launched across schools in Lancashire. The campaign proved to be incredibly popular, and it wasn’t long before it was extended to cover early years provisions as well as primary schools. This expansion meant that even younger children could benefit from the message of the campaign, helping to establish healthy habits at an earlier age.

To ensure that the campaign was accessible and engaging for all children, a range of resources was developed. These resources included a launch animation, which introduced the Healthy Heroes characters and their message to the children. The animation was designed to be fun and engaging, capturing the attention of its young audience and making the message of the campaign more memorable.

Frog character

Activity packs and collectables

In addition to the animation, character cards with collectable stickers were also developed. These cards featured each of the Healthy Heroes characters, along with information about their powers and how they were derived from healthy eating and exercise. The collectable stickers added an element of fun and gamification to the campaign, encouraging children to collect them all and learn more about the benefits of healthy living.

Activity packs were also developed, which contained a range of fun and interactive activities that children could complete in school or at home. These activities were designed to reinforce the message of the campaign and encourage children to make healthier choices. Finally, large format resources were created for schools, which included posters and banners featuring the Healthy Heroes characters and their message. These resources helped to create a visually engaging and immersive environment in schools, reinforcing the message of the campaign and encouraging children to make healthier choices throughout the day.

Successful rollout

Overall, the rollout of the Healthy Heroes campaign across schools in Lancashire was a great success. By providing a range of engaging and accessible resources, Heckford was able to make the campaign appealing and relevant to its target audience of children and young people. By encouraging healthy habits from an early age, the campaign helped to promote the long-term health and well-being of the children in Lancashire.