How Social Media behaviour can affect your sales

Clock 15 days ago

social media improve your sales

A study via Sprout Social looked into which selling behaviours and approaches consumers prefer and the rising role of social media in sales.

The study found that although brands are increasing their use of social media to post about their products, they may not be managing enquiries or responses sufficiently, or reaching out to potential new customers directly.

Only 1 in 4 consumers say that a sales representative has reached out to them on social media, a relatively small number compared to traditional advertising channels like phone, email or direct mail. Yet when it comes to how consumers actually want to hear about products and services for the first time, 39% say social is their preference.

Sprout Social

People will frequently use social media to research, enquire and gather information about companies, products or services prior to making a decision; so, it is imperative that businesses recognise the impact social selling can have on their sales and brand identity.

17.4% of people are more likely to give a company their email address if that company has responded to their question/request on social, and 43.3% are more likely to buy from someone who responds to questions on social

Sprout Social

When asked which social selling message type they are most likely to respond to, 43.2% chose Facebook Messenger; whilst LinkedIn Message/InMail snagged second most likely with just 9.2%.

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