How do I know my print advertising is working?

Clock 18 days ago

print advertising

We all know how measurable online advertising is, but what about print advertising? How do you know if you are receiving a return on your investment? Well, with 63% of readers looking at adverts when they read a newspaper or magazine, it is important you don’t miss a trick.

Here are our 3 top tips on how to tell if your print advertising has increased sales.

1. Use voucher codes

People spend hours scouring the internet for the best deals and discount codes so by providing voucher codes on your printed advertising, you are putting this right in front of their eyes. Adding specific codes to print such as ‘Get 20% off when you enter GET20OFF at the checkout’ will instantly give customers a reason to visit your website. Embedding tracking codes within your site and keeping an eye out for customers entering the code will give you an insight into the response rate of your print ad.

2. Ask! – You don’t know if you don’t ask.

Ask your customers how they heard about your business or online store and keep track of the number of customers that said print advertising led them to you. You could run a competition to as an incentive to get customers to give you information on how they got to find out about your store. Simple, but very effective!

3. Monitor – Don’t stop other forms of advertising.

Track daily traffic and sales before, during and after print advertising to determine the effect it has had on your website traffic or sales to give you an idea of your return on investment.

Need help with both? Don’t worry, we specialise in a range of services from large format print to specifically targeted PPC campaigns. Drop us an email today!