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Clock 6th June 2022 by Anthony Camm

What’s the first thing you do when you need something? 50 years ago you would have asked your neighbour. 20 years ago you would have text a friend/family member. Now – you pick up whatever device is close by and you google it.

Convert your users

So it’s obvious the key to success is getting you to the top of google. There are lots of ways to achieve this – the key to successful marketing is working out what the end user wants. If they are searching for *cheap hot dogs* and you sell premium hot dogs then there’s a clear disconnect. Adjusting your search criteria to compensate for any disconnect is a great way to convert users into clients.

Over the last 28 days we have increased one of our tourism client’s online users by a whopping 31%!

Flawless technical SEO is a must

One of our tourism clients approached us with this goal. Over the last 28 days we have increased users by a whopping 31%! Through strategic marketing, better user experience (google genuinely monitors this so that users go to good quality websites) and an understanding of the target base we have managed to increase sessions and users across the board. 

increase your users
Our results speak for themselves

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