• Oldham College

    Internal and external signage

The Challenge from Oldham College

The team at Oldham College wanted all signage in the new faculty to be considerate of what had been established across the existing buildings while, not being afraid to enhance the offerings to make this new venue a benchmark for the renowned college.


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Oldham College Wayfinding Signs

The Heckford approach

To begin with one of our consultants met with the Willmott Dixon and Oldham College teams to undertake a thorough audit on all the signage and branding across the existing faculty buildings to establish an expectation. We then worked with our creative team to map out visuals which would not only aid navigation but engage the students in key sections of the building. As our consultants are versed in all touch points of the Heckford services suite, we were able to discuss ideas on site, respond to all questions, problem solve and suggest ideas for how to improve what had been established in the past.

Oldham college logo

The building exterior

The exterior of any building is where everything begins and the new faculty required signage which would complement the sleek design of the architecture carefully constructed by Willmott Dixon. As such, we engineered an internally illuminated sign with seamless steel trim which would create a vibrant and iconic visage of the logo even from a distance, both effective during the day and even more eye catching during the evenings.

Oldham College Signage

The building interior

Moving inside the building, each door number was presented on a sleek stainless steel plaques, perfect for the nature of such a faculty, with black lettering to complement but not distract. Each door is punctuated with striking text and colours carefully considered to contrast against the door colours. We worked with Willmott Dixon to fully integrate ourselves into their working processes for the door schedules prior to install so we could visually communicate the look of the doors to the college prior to install, mitigating risk or downtime while on site.

Internal educational signage