Google Analytics 4, are you ready?

Clock 28th April 2023 by Rob Randell

google analytics 4 on a macbook

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a new powerful web analytics tool offered by Google that provides detailed insights into the performance and behavior of websites and apps. It is the latest version of Google Analytics, designed to offer a more comprehensive and intelligent approach to data tracking and analysis.

Additionally, IP addresses will no longer be stored by Google Analytics 4 as users are rapidly demanding more privacy safeguards and control over their data.

Preparing for GA4

In order to prepare for GA4, you should update your tracking configuration and create a new GA4 property alongside your current Universal Analytics (UA) property. This allows you to transition to GA4 while still retaining your data in the Universal Analytics property for historical comparison.

If you are familiar with earlier versions of Google Analytics, updating your tracking setup and reporting routines in order to transition to GA4 may require some additional learning. To enable a seamless transition to GA4, rigorous planning and preparation are important. This includes assessing and updating data tracking and reporting requirements.

To further prepare for GA4 consider the following steps:

Time is of the essence

The UA properties will be sunset at the beginning of July this year and will stop processing data. So, create your GA4 properties as soon as you can. Otherwise, Google will configure a new GA4 property for you which may potentially break your reporting workflows.

In short, switching to Google Analytics 4 can provide you with advanced tracking capabilities, machine learning-driven insights, and a customer-centric approach for better understanding and optimizing your online performance. However, proper planning and preparation are crucial for a successful transition to GA4.