How to use video to enhance your marketing campaigns

Clock 11th March 2022 by Anthony Camm

Video capture

Video? Isn’t that something that everyone uses and has access to – well, yes and no… People can whip out their mobile phones and take a video now. As a result, you don’t have to employ a fancy camera operator and presenter to capture the moment like in a 1970’s promotional film.

Gone are the days of moustaches and microphones. 
If so, the technology isn’t the problem – it’s the culture. 

The opportunities are endless for the right company in the digital age. Pick up your phone, make a film and post it. Once you can do this you can learn more techniques. Can you capture the moments that people engage with? Can you create a poll online and ensure people respond? Or, can you film a corporate event to a live stream standard? Maybe not, but here is some techniques to help you stand out from the crowd:

Recent video case study

See here how we helped Preston City Council with their recent campaign to encourage shoppers back into the town centre.

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