Web Design statistics that you should know in 2021

Clock 31st August 2021 by Rob Randell

There were over 2 billion internet users back in 2010, fast forward to 2021 that number has increased to over 4.6 billion users. With this ever growing base of users, websites are now created rapidly. With a little over 210 million websites back in 2010, there are now over 1.8 billion websites. Below are the top web design statistics that will help your website stand out in 2021.

Above all, to stand out in a crowded space, gaining an understanding of the latest technologies and trends in web design is a must.

The web design statistics listed below coupled with the behaviours and expectations of your visitors will help distinguish your website from your competitors.

Mobile Web Design Statistics
Responsive Web Design Statistics
Modern Web Design Statistics
Wireframe web design sketch
  • Firstly and most importantly, 50% of consumers believe that website design is crucial to a business’s overall brandg
  • Secondly, 40% of consumers said images, 39% said colour and 21% said video when asked what visual elements they value on a company websiteg
  • Thirdly, 84.6% of web designers responded that the most common mistake made by small businesses is a crowded web designc
  • Poor functionality is stated as a reason for leaving a website by 42% of all responsesg
Ecommerce Web Design Statistics
  • The expectation is that 53.9% of all retail e-commerce is to be generated via mobile devicesf
  • 23% of small retail businesses do not have a websiteb
  • In addition, 24% of small retail businesses without a website responded that their reason for not having one was because they don’t know how to create or manage a websiteb
  • When deciding which brand or retailer to buy from, 85% of shoppers say product information and pictures are the most important factors in the decision making processd
  • Moreover, 60% of consumers rate usability as an important design characteristic for an online shop.e
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